About Us

Since the firm’s founding in 1979, we have successfully completed over 4,000 projects that have ranged from isolated, low budget, cost efficient designs to engineering for large multi-building facilities. Most projects have required conformance with the California Building Code.  Our personnel are experienced in all phases of the design process from initial conception through plan checking and construction. The firm maintains an up-to-date library and current Building Codes, including the Title 24 regulations. As active design engineers, we are familiar with a wide variety of design requirements and construction practices, which is invaluable when performing constructability reviews, structural evaluations or modernization of existing buildings.


Grossman & Speer Associates, Inc. (G&S) completes approximately 125 projects each year.  Most of these projects consist of the analysis or design of building structures.  Some are highly complex buildings.  For example, the firm has engineered over 340 projects for Jet Propulsion Laboratory including specialized laboratory spaces, clean rooms, towers, cranes, antennas, laser table supports, blast chamber modifications, renovation of existing facilities, seismic upgrading and retaining walls.

We have engineered many public-school facilities, including K-12, colleges and universities with one of the principals serving as the Structural Engineer-of-Record.  These projects required conformance with the Division of State Architect (DSA) guidelines and were submitted to DSA for approval.  They have varied from completely new school campuses to building additions and modernization projects and have ranged in cost up to $107 million for a single project.  We have also assisted many school districts with various maintenance and operations projects, requiring structural engineering services.

Company’s Goal- “Striving for Excellence in Structural Engineering”

The company provides professional structural engineering services, distinguished by quality and integrity, with attention placed on their client’s objectives. Using an integrated team approach, we assist our clients in developing practical affordable solutions that stand the test of time. We place tenacious importance on construction budgets and time constraints. Honesty, open communication and special attention to detail helps us achieve this goal.

G&S strives to maintain the highest possible professional standards and quality of work. Review of our current projects would reveal well organized drawings, which are clearly presented and fully documented by structural calculations. Peer reviews and code compliance studies are supported by code reference.

One measure of a firm’s reliability is its ability to attract repeat clients. Grossman & Speer Associates’ steady growth has been made possible by responding to our clients’ requirements in a timely and professional manner. In return, our clients have brought additional work to the firm.  Although the company’s two original founders have retired, the two current principals strive to uphold the same standards of reliability and consistency in our services.